Singer Salman Ahmed Found It Costly to Make Fun of Bilawal Bhutto

Leading singer Salman Ahmed found it expensive to share an edited photo to make fun of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto. Salman Ahmed is also a supporter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and often criticizes the PPP on Twitter. However, a day earlier, he shared a picture of Bilawal Bhutto in which the PPP chairman was likened to a woman. With this tweet, he also shared the YouTube link of a BBC documentary about the PPP. Not only Twitter users but also many celebrities slammed the photo.

Well, known anchor, Najia Asher writes that “showing masculinity by comparing a man to a woman, humiliating a woman is a vile thought which has been growing even in an educated civilized society”.

Well, known anchor and host Wasim Badami commented on the tweet and wrote, “Salman Bhai, sorry, very sorry, disagree with the political opinion but what is this …!

Maleeha Hashmi, Special Representative of the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Drive, Focal Person, did not comment directly on the photo but apologized to senior journalist Naseem Zehra. At the same time, Maleeha asked Naseem Zehra in reply, “Did you ask Shahbaz Sharif to apologize for calling Imran Khan’s wife a witch?”

Despite strong criticism, Salman Ahmed neither deleted the photo nor apologized a day later.

In this regard, National Assembly member Ali Wazir, while advising Glugar, wrote, “Don’t fall so much that you can’t get up again.” ARY anchor Iqrar ul Hassan Syed did not directly comment on the photo but said in a tweet that it was an insult to humanity to include him in another gender for the sake of ridiculing him. Ahmed was asked to delete the tweet and apologize.

It should be noted that Salman Ahmed was a part of the most popular Sufi rock band of the past ‘Madness’, besides him Ali Azmat and Brian and Connell were also a part of this band.

The band is no longer active, but Salman Ahmed, as an individual, has also composed party anthems for the PTI.

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